Who is Responsible for Plumbing Repairs in a Rental Property?

New Kitchen from Mainline Plumbing  Dunsborough and BusseltonWhen renting a property, it can be confusing to understand exactly who is responsible for what. In terms of plumbing, unless the damage was caused by the tenants, landlords are responsible for repairs. A tenancy agreement, signed by both the landlord and tenants prior to moving in, will detail the exact terms and conditions when it comes to plumbing repairs.

When a pluming issue arises in a rental property, there are common questions that arise. These include:

  • What are Emergency Repairs?
  • What are Routine Repairs?
  • Who Arranges Repairs?

What are Emergency Repairs?

Emergency plumbing repairs are generally required when there is a failure or breakdown of an essential service. In plumbing, this can include a blocked or overflowing toilet, gas leak, no hot water or a burst water pipe.

What are Routine Repairs?

A plumbing issue not requiring an emergency repair is known as a routine repair. These can include dripping taps, low water pressure or blocked drains.

Who Arranges Repairs?

A tenancy agreement contains contact information on who to call in a plumbing emergency including contact details for after hours too. It is advised to have these numbers easily accessible incase a plumbing emergency arises.

Requests to have routine issues fixed can be made in writing or a phone call to the property manager or landlord. It is then their responsibility to have the plumbing issue repaired within a reasonable time frame.

Mainline Plumbing Dunsborough and BusseltonIt is important to understand and know the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement. Terms can change from one rental to another, so it’s important to not assume the same applies in all rentals.

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*Information in the article is of general nature,  please refer to your tenancy agreement for specific details.