Low Water Pressure, What Can I Do?

Dripping Tap

You turn on the tap for a hot shower, to fill the kettle or water the garden and there’s nothing but barely a drip or two. The water pressure used to be super strong, fast and reliable but has rapidly declined to now be next to nothing. When this problem occurs so does the likelihood there is an issue deep down in your pipes below.

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Here are just a few issues that can cause low water pressure:

  • Pipe Damage
  • Concealed Leaks
  • Calcium Build Up

Pipe Damage

Steady flowing water one day and a barely there drip the next indicates it’s highly likely you have a damaged pipe. Older homes are often also home to tree roots that are invasive and damage water pipes. New homes, being built in developing suburbs, can suffer unintentional damage from construction equipment.

May be its at water meter, a blockage or damage within the water meter itself can also be the culprit of low water pressure. While water meter damage is uncommon it’s certainly worth having investigated by a professional.

Concealed Leaks

Want to check for a hidden or concealed leak yourself? Here’s how – read your water meter and record the number, refrain from using any water for a few hours then check the reading on your meter again. If the reading has increased significantly, even though no water has been used, it’s highly likely you have a leak.

A hidden leak not only causes low water pressure but can be responsible for many other major issues within the walls of your home. An internal burst or leaking pipe can lead to numerous other serious issues including damage to walls, electrics and even supporting structures.

Mainline Plumbing teamMake Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas Dunsborough your first call if you suspect a leak. Our state of the art equipment will quickly find the source of the leak, saving you time and money with a call to action of having the leak repaired.

Calcium Build Up

Lurking deep in the pipes of our home can be calcium and other chemicals that build up over time and lodge in the pipe causing a blockage. This can be an issue particularly in areas where the water is known as “hard”. While less problematic than other culprits it can be the offender when it comes to a sudden drop in water pressure. There are numerous home remedies and store-bought products available in order to dislodge and clear this build up, however often there can be a more serious issue of extensive mineral or rust build up deeper down.  Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas Dunsborough have proven success in identifying and dislodging and/or dissolving this build up giving you piece of mind the source of the problem has been fixed.

Don’t Delay, Get Your Water Pressure Back Today

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