How to Fix a Blocked Toilet in Dunsborough

Toilet ProblemsYes the very thought of a blocked toilet isn’t very nice and pretty much everyone would have the same visual about it. Although having a blocked toilet isn’t always for the reasons we are thinking.

Age of your cisterns or toilet bowls could be an issue, water flow or products going into these systems don’t always flush, as they really are not suitable to be disposed of in this way.

Either way when you see water making its way back up the bowl and start to flow out of your toilet sheer panic can set in thinking is it going to stop! Not to worry there are some simple solutions. First thing to do is to switch off the water tap located at the side of your toilet, try not to let the flow of the water go to far from the toilet area due to bacteria transference.

What Causes A Toilet to Block?

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Too Much Waste Products
  • Toys or other Objects
  • Drain or Sewer lines blocked

Low Water Pressure

Older houses with aged toilets can sometimes give lower water pressure than other newer models, although certain housing estates have lower water pressure. So, if you are noticing that other water sources through the house have low pressure too, give you water company a call to check the water pressure.

Too Much Waste Product

Due to the shape of a toilet if too much of any waste is disposed of it will get caught in part of the S Shape of the toilet and won’t be able to be pushed through.

Toys or Other Objects

Once toys or other objects have been sent through toilet channels it is usually too late to retrieve them until the toilet blocks and then the clearance needs to happen and if these items haven’t made their way through the S bend, they could cause a blockage through to pipes at the end.

Drains or Sewer Lines Blocked

If you start to notice a pool of water forming near a possible septic area or lush green growth this is sign to be looked at for blockages in the drains and sewer lines.

For All of Your Emergency Plumbing

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