How Do I Know If My Hot Water System Is Having Problems?

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It’s a cold winter’s morning, the alarm sounds and the only incentive to roll out of bed is a soothing hot shower. Just as your beginning to feel warm and awake, the water suddenly turns cold. This is certainly not an ideal way to start your day, but if this is a scenario you have faced before, it’s a warning sign your hot water system may have a problem.

We all take hot water in our homes, steaming hot water when we turn on the tap, for granted and it’s not until this doesn’t occur instantly that we think to have it inspected and repaired. Here are just a few warning signs that your hot water system needs to be replaced or repaired before you run out of hot water:

  • Your Hot Water System Is Making Unusual Noises
  • The Hot Water Tap Is on But The Water Is Cold  
  • Water Is Leaking From Your Hot Water System
  • Your Water Is an Unusual Colour Or Taste

Your Hot Water System Is Making Unusual Noises

If your hot water system is suddenly making popping, creaking or rumbling noises a problem is likely. Unusual noises are a common culprit when it comes to a hot water system needing repaired. These noises can be caused by a mineral build up or hard water which requires the system to be flushed. If your hot water system continues to pop, creak and rumble after being flushed it could mean it is on the verge of a crack or leak. A leak can be costly and a nasty surprise when your water bill arrives, so it’s best to call a professional at the first sign of your hot water system making unusual noises.

The Hot Water Tap Is On But The Water Is Cold  

The most common warning sign your hot water system needs attention is a lack of hot water. This can come to your attention when you turn on the hot water tap and it takes a long for the water coming out to become hot or the water flowing is only lukewarm. As your water system (whether it be solar, electric or gas) heats water, minerals separate and cause mineral deposits to build up in the system. The more this residue builds up, the harder your system has to work which will after a period of time can cause leaks or stop your hot water system working effectively.

Water Is Leaking From Your Hot Water System

hot water tank

Depending on what hot water system you have, you may notice water running from or pooling below the tank. Erosion can occur in the water tank and is often caused by a residue build up, age and a lack of maintenance. This erosion can cause cracks and fractures which in turn cause water leaks. It is likely you will hear a water leak before you may see it. If you suspect a leak, it’s important to have it looked at immediately as left untreated if has the potential to flood your home.

Your Water Is An Unusual Colour Or Taste

If you notice your water looks cloudy or has an unusual smell or taste, it could be a warning sign your hot water system needs attention. A number of nasty culprits could be the reason but mineral deposits travelling out of your water heater and flowing through your taps is a likely cause. These deposits can cause a metallic taste or smell to your water, not a great thought when we drink and bathe in that water. Rust is another reason your water could taste or smell strange. Once rust has reached your hot water system and pipes, the only solution to fix the problem is to have your hot water system replaced so it’s important to have your hot water system regularly maintained by a professional.

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