How Do I know if I have a Water Leak?

Woman fixing kitchen sink

Water leaks can show themselves in all sorts of ways and can be a little or a lot sometimes. It could be in the way that you received a higher than normal water bill or more noticeable from the visual sighting of the leak.

Water could be coming from tap work in the form of dripping or water trickling from the tap joins, connecting pipes under sinks, water stains on walls or bubbling of paint. No matter what the seriousness of the leak could be these should actioned upon as soon as possible to stop any further damage.

How do I know I have a Water Leak?

  • Water Meter
  • Indoors
  • Outdoors

Water Meter

If your water meter numbers turning but no water is in use then this could mean here is a possible leak somewhere on the property.


Toilets are usually the common area for leaks. If you are not able to see or hear any leaking, drop some food colouring in the tank if there is a leak it will show into the bowl. This could be caused by the flapper valve. Leaks can also show by taps dripping or leaking tap out of joins or under sinks from attached piping.


Mainline Plumbing Dunsborough and Busselton Plumbing Hot Water Gas FittingDripping taps that need new washers, if you notice puddles or significant growth in garden or grass areas there could be some leaking underground in pipework. A professional plumber will be able to source exactly where leak is.


When it comes to fixing your pipework, it is best to leave the handy work to an experienced plumber, as they have the expertise and tools to handle the job. When you are not experienced certain parts could get broken in the first place giving you a cost you were not expecting.

Who Do You Trust with your Leak?

Mainline Plumbing Cheap Hot Water and Gas have the leak detection tools to find and fix small and big leaks, so your plumbing is working correctly again. Contact the team at Dunsborough on 9759 1317.