How Can I Prepare My Plumbing for Winter?

Mainline Plumbing Dunsborough and Busselton, Hot Water, Gas and General Plumbing Jake MartinThe colder months can put strain on your plumbing in a way that the warmer months may not. Now winter is drawing closer, it is a suitable time to look at the ways you can reduce stress on your plumbing systems to make sure that everything is working – and will continue to work when you need it to.

  • Attend to Leaks and Damages
  • Regulate Temperatures of Indoor Areas
  • Turn Off Outdoor Taps and Disconnect Hoses

Attend to Leaks and Damages

If you have problems with your plumbing before winter, you will want to get it fixed as soon as possible. Leaving leaks and damages to pipes and water systems can be disastrous in all climates, but winter is when you are using your hot water and are less likely to notice wet patches lying around. The best way to take care of this is to get a professional to come to your home or property and inspect your plumbing personally.

Regulate Temperatures of Indoor Areas

The cold weather can do several things to your plumbing. Insulating your exposed pipes in unheated areas can help to prevent issues, but most of all you want to make sure that nothing is getting too cold. This can be as easy as opening your kitchen cabinets so that the warmer air reaches it and making sure that your thermostat and heating works.

Turn Off Outdoor Taps and Disconnect Hoses

If it gets too cold, the water in your pipes can freeze or ice up.

Tap hose outside

This is a risk for outdoor areas, open lawns and garden beds so instead of leaving your hoses out and connected to taps, disconnect and drain them before storing them away for winter. If left unattended, the frozen or icy water in the hose can back up into the pipes and cause considerable damage to them.

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