How Can I Fix Blocked Drains and Plumbing in Dunsborough and the Southwest?

Blocked drain

There’s no denying when a drain is blocked it’s an inconvenience to you and your family as water no longer freely flows down sink holes and pipes. There are tried and tested remedies to clear a blocked drain including bi-carb soda, vinegar and even boiling water plus supermarket bought products too. These remedies often bring no success in unclogging a stubborn blocked drain that’s why the job is best left to professionals who have the expertise and correct equipment to clear a blockage. 

Blocked drains can occur in all areas of the home. Here are just a few of the areas well known for blocked drains and what could be a likely cause:

  • Garden
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom and Toilet


The first sign a garden drain is blocked is normally the drain overflowing. A large amount of rainfall can cause water to build up in pipes resulting in drains overflowing while seasonal weather brings changes in vegetation with the most common change being plants losing leaves. The strong winds of winter blow garden debris and grass clippings around and if this debris isn’t raked or swept regularly it can end up in drains, preventing water freely flowing down pipes.


clogged drain in the kitchen

Rinsing dishes is a common household chore but did you know this can clog your drains? Food scraps that are rinsed off dishes unintentionally accumulate in your kitchen sink and eventually make their way down drains. Before rinsing, food scraps should be cleared off plates and bowls by other means to empty the scraps into a bin or the compost first.

Kitchen equipment used to cook food like trays and pans and items used for baking such as cake tins can also be home to a build up of fats and oils. Ensure pans, trays and tins have fats and oils cleaned off prior to rinsing and washing as if not cleaned thoroughly they will most certainly cause a blockage.

Bathroom and Toilet

With the bathroom being the most common place to style your hair it can seem impossible to keep bathroom basins clear of fallen strands of hair. Regular cleaning of the shower and basin drains can capture loose hair sitting on the surface, but unless it’s cleaned regularly there is no avoiding hair making its way deep down pipes. Other bathroom items like soap scum and toiletries can unintentionally make their way down drains too.

Whether deliberate or not, inquisitive children often flush toys and other items down toilets. It’s important to also ensure sanitary items are disposed of correctly and not flushed as these too can cause a blockage.

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