Are Noisy Water Pipes a Cause for Concern?

Emergency burst water pipe

Turning on our taps to freely flowing water is a luxury we take for granted. When water pipes start making noises without warning, it can not only take us by surprise, but cause worry as to what these noises may mean. While not uncommon, noises coming from your water pipes can indicate a serious issue so is always best to be inspected by a professional.

Here are just a few noises water pipes are known to make and what they can mean:

  • A Squealing or Whistling Noise
  • A Rattling Noise
  • A Gurgling Sound

A Squealing or Whistling Noise

Your plumbing system depends on all the pieces of the puzzle to be functioning to make the taps and valves work correctly. Often when using appliances, you may notice a squealing or whistling noise coming from the pipes around the appliance. This can be especially evident near dish washers and washing machines. The common culprit for this is broken or worn washers which normally require the expertise of a plumber to ensure they are repaired or replaced correctly.  

A Rattling Noise

Burst water pipe repair

Lying behind our walls, ceilings and floors is many, many metres of piping. Although this piping is secured, it can come loose over time causing a rattling noise to occur as water flushes through. This is a common plumbing problem that can be seen, but not heard as these pipes are more than likely hidden and in hard to reach places.

A Gurgling Sound

If there is a foreign object blocking your pipes, a gurgling sound can normally be heard. Blocked pipes are a common plumbing problem and can be caused by an item accidentally washing down the drain, a build-up of soap or products residue or even hair. When an item is blocking our pipes it often needs a professional to come and clean and clear drains to get them flowing and functioning again. Homeowners are encouraged to be vigilant as to what is washing down their drains as blocked pipes is an issue which cannot be ignored.

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