4 things you should do if you suspect a Gas Leak in Dunsborough

Gas leakAppliances of every kind should not be used unless they are in sound condition, this is definitely the case for anything to do with gas.

Gas is an odour like no other as it has had a scent added to alert us and not ignore it, hence why it smells like rotten eggs.

It is quite important to ensure that maintenance checks are kept up to date and that only a professional gas fitter installer is the one to do the check ups as they tag all items according to the safety rules and regulations. When it comes to gas no DIY should come into action unless you have that licence next to your name.

If you suspect a gas leak what should you do?

  • Switch off at the mains
  • Contact a Professional Gas Fitter Installer
  • Suffocate flames
  • Check your mailbox

Switch off at the mains

As soon as you get a smell of rotten gas, best to switch off at the main gas box that should be situated outside. Time can be wasted by running around trying to source items in your home and if it’s underground best to leave it to the professionals.

Contact a professional Gas Fitter Installer

If you haven’t noticed a gas leak in time, it could cause a hazard and in some cases also be fatal. So to ensure the safety of yourself and others in your environment, always contact a professional when it comes to maintenance and installations of gas and appliances.

Gas stoveSuffocate Flames

Suspected gas leaks can cause big eruptions if naked flames are in the facinity so all flames of any kind need to be out for the safety of all involved until the clearance is given.

Check your mailbox

Once all safety checks of the above have been done, you could then check your letterbox to see if notification of works are being done in the area from the utilities companies.

When you need more information on your Gas and Gas products in the home

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